Friday, May 2, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: Knox Volume 1

...huh? What the hell did I just read? Here's the blurb:

Knox Volume 1 by Cassia Leo
From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a sinfully sexy and suspenseful new series.

Rebecca hasn’t seen or heard from her mob boss father in four years, but she’s about to receive a message from him that will throw her life into chaos. Rebecca thought she left the crime family behind when she went into law enforcement. She never expected to be abducted by a sexy stranger. But this stranger makes an offer too tempting to refuse and soon Rebecca is pulled into one of the most ruthless vendettas of the century.

Knox Savage is the sexy billionaire CEO of Knox Security and a notorious playboy. What most don’t know about Knox is that a large portion of his wealth is made helping high-profile criminals escape justice. He makes no judgments about guilt or innocence. And he doesn’t do it for sentimental reasons. But he’s about to take on a case that is going to get very personal.

I'm torn because Cassia Leo did an amazing plotting job, but I did not like her characters. Becky's Ordinary World is insane! Her father's a mob boss whom she witnessed kill a man when she was a teen. Ten years later, she's left her family and the life for a career in law enforcement -awesome right! But she also left behind her crush. But Becky's put all that behind her and has a stable relationship with a stable man. Until her past comes and literally drags her back to her roots. Becky allows herself to be dragged and makes some truly stupid choices (and she agrees they are stupid choices) because this man, Knox, reminds her of that childhood crush.

Knox is an asshole. Not an alpha hole. An ass. Now, you can tell me what to do, lover. However, if you raise your voice at me and you get up in my face there will be problems. Knox, that ain't sexy and I couldn't muster an ounce for this dude. At every turn I was ready to put this book down, but the way Leo plotted it I couldn't. I wanted to know what happened next, and after that I'd put it down. But then I found myself at the end of the book.

I disagreed with the cliffhanger she used. I don't know how to say anything about it without spoiling it. It was unexpected in an I don't care kind of way. There were so many other plot lines Leo introduced that would have sent me to purchasing the other book. This one she choice was the only one that she hadn't made me care about.

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